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Anthurium Polyschistum - Plant Reservation
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Anthurium Polychistum is a really unusual climbing anthurium, which is rarely offered. It offers palm like leaves which have around 6-8 leaflets per a leaf, in addition to this, each leaflet has ripples which add to the visual impact of this plant.

Often we see heart shaped and velvet Anthuriums, which of course are stunning. However why not mix up your collection with an unusual climbing Anthurium such as Polychistum.

Best suited grown up a moss pole to really appreciate its growth habit.

These plants are already at our premises in Norfolk snug and warm in one of our plant rooms.

Over the coming weeks we will continue to care for your plant as it goes through our acclimatization process, You can request additional photos or even come and visit it!

Only once your plant is fully acclimatized will we ask for the balancing payment plus delivery charge.

It may well be mid late August before you plant is ready. This may seem like a long wait but hopefully this shows we care about your plants health. We never release plants until they are 100% healthy and happy.

In the unlikely event of a problem with your particular plant, we can offer an alternative plant or refund.

This plant will have a final price of £40. To secure the plant we require just a £15 deposit.The remaining £25 will only become payable once your plant is ready for dispatch. As we have multiples of this plant we will always send the largest plant unless you request a smaller one.

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