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Anthurium besseae aff - plant reservation
Product Code: 2021121615745

Anthurium cf besseae is a firm favorite amongst aroid collectors. Our last batch of A, besseae sold out super quick so best not delay your decision too long.

This has a very unusual leaf shape compared to the others. Slight yellowing to oldest leaf so this may be lost.


The photo on this listing shows the EXACT plant that you are buying. It is already at our premises in Norfolk snug and warm in one of our plant rooms. Over the coming weeks we will continue to care for your plant as it goes through our acclimatization process, You can even come and visit it! Only once your plant is fully acclimatized will we ask for the balancing payment plus delivery charge.

*** This plant will have a final price of £ 100. To secure the plant we require just a £ 30 deposit.